Embroidered Peacock Chinese Women's Cotton Slippers Blue Red Black Turquoise New

$ 7.99

Pair of Handmade Embroidered Chinese Women's Cotton Slippers

Embroidered Peacock Pattern

Choose Blue, Red, Black,and/or Turquoise Colors

Some will have black color soles (see photos)
These are the original classic handmade slippers which are no longer made by hand.  Therefore, supply is limited!

I have more available on my other Ebay, Amazon, and Fashionso!


Size conversion:

China Size 35 = US Size 4.5 = 9"
China Size 36 = US Size 5.5 = 9.25"
China Size 37 = US Size 6 = 9.5"
China Size 38 = US Size 7 = 9.75"
China Size 39 (Size 9 or L) = US Size 7.5 = 10"
China Size 40 (Size 10) = US Size 8.5 = 10.25"
China Size 41(Size 11) = US Size 9 = 10.5"
China Size 42 = US Size 10 = 10.75"

Generally, these are narrow

Some will have black soles

You may receive a blue size 11 which has a skinnier peacock.

Made in China

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the item, for example, it does not fit, material is not what you expected, broken, torn, etc, we will accept returns and/or offer you a refund.  Please contact me and I will do my best to settle any issue you may have.

Thank you!


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